With Midterms Approaching, Vulnerable GOP Candidates in the Suburbs Struggle With Deciding Whether to Run With Trump

As the midterm elections approach and vulnerable House Republicans nervously navigate around an unpopular president, charting a course is particularly fraught in the suburbs of Philadelphia, where the dominant ideology is pragmatism and fickle voters have little patience for Washington’s political drama.

And it is here that two Republican lawmakers representing nearly adjacent districts, and espousing similar centrist goals, have nonetheless chosen divergent paths to seek victory as representatives of a party now thoroughly defined by President Trump.

Rep. Tom MacArthur, from a district just over the state line in New Jersey, tilted right as opportunities emerged to ally with Trump, a president still supported by most registered Republican voters. Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick stubbornly kept his distance, taking a lonely course down the middle.

One thing they have in common: both are in political peril.

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