Spoken Dreams: Diana Espir, Entertainment Host/Content Creator

Diana Espir is an entertainment host, content creator, and podcaster from Geneva, Switzerland. Her natural ability as an entertainer began to take shape when she started taking piano lessons at 2-years-old. Later, as she started taking music more seriously, she realized that Switzerland was not the best environment to continue developing her talents. Her pursuit of a singing career would eventually land her on France’s version of The Voice, and later, she would explore new opportunities in New York City.

Gradually, Diana found that the music industry began limiting her ability to express herself as an artist. She would later leave New York City for Los Angeles, where she explored new platforms that showcased her talent and perspective. She soon found excitement working as an entertainment host and reporter, and would eventually carve out her own platform as a content creator.

In this episode, Diana shares the difficulties that came with having big aspirations while growing up in Switzerland. She opens up about how she has used failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, and offers insight into the importance of embracing your own voice.

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