Truck Driver Charged in Crash That Killed 2 Sisters Walking to Middle School in South L.A.

Anti-Proposition 6 Campaign Launches TV Ad Saying Repeal of Gas Tax Would Put Public Safety at Risk

The campaign against an initiative that would repeal increases to California’s gas tax launched its first television ad on Monday, asserting that Proposition 6 will put the safety of motorists in jeopardy by taking away road and bridge repair funds.

Armed with more than $30 million in contributions from the construction industry, unions and others, the campaign made a major TV buy to begin airing the ads Monday on the broadcast stations in Los Angeles, as well as other regions of the state.

The campaign has tailored different versions of the ad to address issues in each area of the state in which it runs.

In a statewide version of the ad, which has been posted to YouTube, the head of the American Society of Civil Engineers says that the higher gas tax is needed to fix the state’s deteriorating transportation system.

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