Federal Tax Law Prompts Flood of Accelerated Divorces in California as Dec. 31 Deadline Looms

Local attorneys and judges are scrambling to finalize a flood of accelerated divorces prompted by new federal tax laws that eliminate the spousal support deduction starting Jan. 1.

Beating the deadline will allow people expecting to pay support to continue to annually deduct the money from their taxable income. Those who will receive spousal support also may have an incentive, because judges are expected to start awarding smaller payments next year as the lost tax deduction shrinks what the higher earner can afford.

That mutual benefit prompted a rush of divorce filings before June 30, because a divorce can’t be finalized in California until at least six months after proceedings begin.

And now family law attorneys are scrambling to finalize those divorces by Dec. 31, which is expected to prompt a flood of paperwork at local courthouses.

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