Residents Alarmed and Outraged by Closure of $2.2-Billion Bus Center in San Francisco

It cost $2.2 billion and took 10 years to build. At its opening this summer, officials hailed the Salesforce Transit Center as a hub of the new San Francisco, part of a crop of new towers that are reshaping the city’s skyline.

But on Wednesday, the bus depot remained closed after crews found cracks in two steel beams. The discovery alarmed and outraged citizens, and officials had few answers about what caused the problem and when the center would reopen.

Transbay Joint Powers Authority Executive Director Mark Zabaneh told reporters Wednesday afternoon that inspectors were called in about 10 a.m. the previous day, when crews found a crack in the fireproofing of a steel beam. Six hours later, officials closed the transportation center, which opened in August, and it will remain closed until at least the end of next week.

Inspectors later found a second fractured beam. The biggest of the two cracks is more than 2 feet long, Zabaneh said.

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