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Riverside Man Sentenced for Sex Trafficking of Teen Girl, Home-Invasion Robbery in Newport Beach

A Riverside man who acted as a pimp to a 17-year-old human trafficking victim, then attacked, kidnapped and robbed a sex purchaser in Newport Beach received a 21-year prison sentence Thursday after admitting to a litany of felony charges, authorities said.

Grant Champion Ewing, 23, was sentenced immediately after pleading guilty to charges including kidnapping, false imprisonment, robbery, burglary, pimping of a minor, pandering of a minor, trafficking of a minor, assault with a firearm, making criminal threats and dissuading a witness by force, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office said in a written statement.  Ewing also admitted to the special allegations that he personally used a gun in the crimes, had a prior “strike” conviction and previously served time in prison.

In addition to his prison term, Ewing will be required to register as a sex offender for life, prosecutors said.

He used the internet to find his underage victim, officials said.

The district attorney’s office statement described Ewing as “a human trafficker/pimp who exploits women for financial gain.”

“With the rise in popularity of social media and ease of meeting people on the internet, many pimps and human traffickers utilize a variety of social media to locate potential victims,” the statement said.

The case stems from Feb. 22, when Ewing drove the teenage girl to Newport Beach to engage in prostitution with a 59-year-old man, prosecutors said. After dropping of the teenage victim, officials said Ewing returned to rob the sex purchaser.

Ewing forced his way into the home and robbed the man at gunpoint, the district attorney’s office said. The victim was repeatedly struck and pistol whipped during the robbery, and Ewing fired his gun at one point.

After ransacking the home and finding some cash, Ewing locked the man in a closet, threatened to kill him if he called the police and stole the man’s cellphone and computer before fleeing, authorities said.

Newport Beach found and arrested Ewing later the same day.