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The search continued Friday for a 21-year-old man last seen in early August at the Santa Monica Mountains in the Topanga area.

Based on cellphone and Snapchat records, Matthew Weaver's last-known location was in the area of Rosas Overlook on Aug. 10, his family said.

His sister, Colleen Weaver-Ferrall, told KTLA he just moved to Granada Hills from Simi Valley three or four months ago. She said her brother posted a Snapchat of a valley at the trail the day he went missing.

Hikers said they alerted authorities in the early morning hours of Aug. 11 after seeing his vehicle, which was discovered abandoned shortly after he went missing. According to his sister, one of the back tires was found hanging off a cliff.

Responding officials who scoured the area did not find him, and subsequent operations were also unsuccessful.

The man's family returned to Stunt Road and Saddle Peak Road Friday morning as volunteers helped look for Weaver. They said it's the third search-and-rescue effort they've led since his disappearance.

His father, Matthew Weaver Sr., said he suspected foul play.

"I want to find him safe and sound, of course, but I don’t know where he is," he told KTLA. "I don’t know where to look. It’s never like him to just run off."

Weaver-Ferrall told KTLA the 21-year-old worked with their dad, and that she didn't think he was familiar with hiking in the area.

“We have no leads…nothing,” she said.

A prior tip that Weaver had been spotted at an In-N-Out in Simi Valley on Aug. 10 turned out to be incorrect, according to the family.

Authorities provided no further information about the case.