She Was Hacked on Instagram, Here’s What You Can Learn From It

We talked to a woman who says she woke up one day to realize her Instagram account had been hacked!

Linda Spencer says when her Instagram account was hacked, she felt like it was an invasion of her privacy and fought to get it back. She emailed back and forth with Instagram for nearly two weeks. Finally, she got a message from the social media app with a way to restore her account and take back her name.

Her advice to others: make sure you continue to fight if something similar happens to you. Spencer had to send in a picture of herself holding a special code, which proved it was her account. She recommends turning on a feature called Two Factor Authentication, which will send you a text message with a special code that you must enter to allow the login to proceed.

Here’s how you turn it on:

Open Instagram on your phone.

Tap the little icon for your profile, then tap the three lines in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

From here, click the gear icon for “Settings”

Scroll down until you find “Two Factor Authentication” and tap it.

Toggle on the switch next to “Require Security Code.”

You’ll get a special text to your phone with a code. Enter it to confirm your actions and then from now on, if anyone tries to log into your account, you’ll get a special text message code. If it’s not entered, the login won’t proceed.

Has your Instagram been hacked? Here is the Instagram support page to go to. Keep in mind there is not a “tech support” phone number to call for help. You will have to correspond through email.

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