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Jessica Holmes’ Twist on PB & J: Tahini and Jelly Toast

Move over peanut butter and jelly. Jessica Holmes is putting her own spin on the classic, giving it an unexpected savory flavor by substituting tahini for peanut butter. This is a web exclusive for KTLA's California Cooking: Episode 2.

Note: This recipe is just a guideline. Jessica’s cooking philosophy is all about having the freedom to adjust a recipe and improvise in the kitchen based on your personal preferences.


Challah or raisin bread


Pinch of salt

Sugar, agave or honey to taste

Jam (raspberry strawberry)

To make:

-Slather one side of bread slice with butter. (Optional)

-Place bread in toaster

-While bread is toasting, mix together the Tahini, sugar (or substitute) and salt. You can start by using less sugar and salt and customize it to your taste.

-Once the bread is done, slather with the desired amounts of jelly. Drizzle the Tahini mixture over it.