Police Seek for Woman Accused of Grand Theft After Leaving Botox Clinic Without Paying

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Authorities are searching for a woman wanted on suspicion of grand theft after receiving expensive cosmetic services at a Studio City clinic, then leaving without paying.

The woman has been at large since the incident occurred Sept. 25 at MyBotoxLA, located at 12457 Ventura Blvd., according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Yana Pechenik, a physician assistant at the medical spa, said she met with the woman as a new client and, after a consultation, she agreed to receive a $5,000 procedure.

Pechenik said she spent two and a half hours giving the woman Botox and filler injections, and the patient left happy, saying she planned to return.

But when it came time to pay her bill, she allegedly skipped out.

"She said she had a friend who does jewelry and she was going to leave us a few pieces, which she had in her car," Pechenik said. "She left, and never came back."

It was the first that happened at the clinic.

"After putting your soul out, into every patient, and for somebody to do this to you - it really hurts," she told KTLA.

Pechenik said staff later discovered the credit card the woman gave them to hold her appointment was fake and the name she used, Emily Ross, was likely bogus too.

There were some red flags but, Pechenik said, at the time she had no reason to question any of it.

For example, she kept her eyes closed during all her before and after photos, which seemed a bit odd to Pechenik. Other things seemed off too.

"She said she didn't speak a second language, and yet she had a really strong accent," the clinician said. "She just seemed too nice, and she offered too many things that weren't asked of her."

LAPD hasn't released a suspect description, but Pechenik described her as white and about 45 to 50 years old with a foreign accent. She was wearing wearing blue-grey contact lenses on her eyes and dental veneers on front teeth with several missing toward the back.

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