Man Rescues 5-Week-Old Kitten Glued to Busy Road in Oregon

An Oregon man says he found a 5-week-old kitten glued to a busy road.

KPTV says Chuck Hawley rescued the kitten, which had some sort of glue on her paws, neck and tail.

Veterinarian Jenny Bate says it’s clear the glue was intentionally put on the kitten’s paws.

She was able to remove the glue using mineral oil and the kitten should fully recover.

Hawley says it’s incredible the kitten wasn’t hit by a car.

“She was wet and freezing and literally glued to the road. And NO ONE STOPPED,” he wrote in a widely shared Facebook post.

He saw several vehicles drive over her before he could rescue her.

“I slammed on my brakes and stopped all the traffic and put my hazards on and got out and pealed her off the road. People were honking and all pissy….really??? It’s a kitten glued to the road!!” he wrote in the post.

Hawley tells KPTV he and his wife will adopt the kitten. They have named her Sticky.

Marion County Sheriff’s Lt. Chris Baldridge says if Hawley files a crime report, his agency will investigate.

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