22 Dogs, Puppies Rescued and Flown to San Diego After Being Forced to Fight in Break-Ins at Arkansas Shelter

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Twenty-one dogs and puppies were flown to San Diego after their shelter in Arkansas was broken into and the perpetrators forced the dogs to fight, according to KTLA sister station KSWB in San Diego.

Several break-ins were reported at the Humane Society of the Delta in Helena, Arkansas. The people broke in, stole security cameras, then put four to five dogs into one kennel forcing the dogs to defend themselves, according to Humane Society officials.

“These are bite wounds. They take a bunch of our dogs out of their kennels and throw them into another dog’s kennel. Those kennels have become their ‘homes’ for now so when you take 4-5 other dogs and throw them into another dog’s kennel with it food, water and bed there is going to be fighting,” the Humane Society of the Delta posted to Facebook.

Staff members started to sleep in the shelter until other security measures were in place, shelter officials reported.

The animals were transported from Helena, Arkansas to Clarksdale, Mississippi, where they were loaded on a “Wings of Rescue” plane, according to John Van Zante of Rancho Coastal Humane Society. Then, they flew to Gillespie Field in El Cajon Thursday night.

The dogs are going through health and behavior examinations at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas Friday. They will be available for adoption at the location.

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