Austin Bar Dresses up as Moe’s Tavern From ‘The Simpsons’ for Halloween

If you’re in Austin, Texas, right now, you can go into Moe’s Tavern from the TV show “The Simpsons” and order your very own Flaming Moe. That’s because a neighborhood bar dressed up as the cartoon venue for Halloween — and the story went viral on social media.

Nickel City bar at 1133 E. 11th street in Austin (“across from the Nice-N-Kleen,” the website says) transformed itself into the fictional Springfield watering hole named for bartender Moe Szyslak.

“We started overnight Thursday and then opened up Friday at the regular time,” Nickel City owner Travis Tober said. Outside, the Moe’s sign and purple trimmings were installed; inside, bartenders dressed as Moe, and new menus and ad postcards were branded as Moe’s.

On the menu: the famous Flaming Moe, made with Hendrick’s gin, Mexican grape soda, fresh lime juice and Jägermeister (subbing in for cough syrup used in the TV show); Krusty burgers; and Homer’s favorite doughnuts with sprinkles, served with chocolate milk made with Grand Marnier and crème de cacao.

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