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Suspect in Brutal Stabbing of 89-Year-Old at Garden Grove McDonald’s Still at Large as Victim’s Left ‘Traumatized’; New Video Released

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After an 89-year-old man was brutally stabbed inside a McDonald's bathroom in Garden Grove, his grandson is speaking out as police release surveillance images — calling for the public's help Friday in identifying the assailant and another man seen giving him a ride after the attack.

About a week earlier, an 89-year-old man was found stabbed multiple times in the men's restroom of the fast food restaurant located  in the 13900 block of Harbor Boulevard.

The victim was attacked from behind while washing his hands, authorities said. He was out with a church group for breakfast at the time.

During a news conference alongside police Friday, the victim's grandson, Luis Nunez, said there's bruising throughout the 89-year-old's body from being kicked and stabbed, and the attack has left him "very traumatized."

"He’s scared that the person that did this might come back and hurt him some more," Nunez said. The victim has had his abdomen, back and the back of his neck stapled to close the wounds, he said.

As authorities continue searching for the assailant, they have released more surveillance video — including a clip that shows someone up the street giving the attacker a ride just moments later.

The suspect has previously been described by police as a Latino or white man in his 20s who stands around 6 feet tall.

Authorities have said he entered the restroom about 20 minutes before the victim and didn't communicate with him before unleashing the brutal attack.

"The suspect comes up behind him, starts punching him in the head, and all of a sudden he’s getting stabbed," Garden Grove police Lt. Carl Whitney said when police released other video on Monday.

Witney said the victim "went down on the ground until help came in the restroom" and fellow church members tended to his wounds, using ties and other pieces of clothing to stem the bleeding. Investigators believe a small knife was used.

After the attack, police believe the suspect went a few blocks down Westminster and got a ride from a person in a red pickup truck outside of Angelo's Burgers — an interaction captured on surveillance video.

That clip has been released to the public in hopes of tracking down the person seen giving him a ride. In the video, the assailant appears to walk up to the truck in the restaurant's parking lot and ask for a ride. Then the two are seen driving away.

Detectives do not believe the driver is also involved, according to Whitney.

"We don’t think he had anything to do with this crime," Whitney told reporters on Friday. "We just know that he gave this guy a ride out of the area."

Police are looking to speak with the driver to find out more about the suspect, including where he was taken.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Garden Grove detectives at 714-741-5800.

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