Man Arrested After Crash in Sylmar Was Wanted for Killing Wife at Sacramento Gas Station

A man who was arrested after a crash in Sylmar earlier this week was wanted on suspicion of killing his wife at a Sacramento gas station, KTLA sister station KTXL reported.

Miguel Romo is seen in a photo released by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department on Nov. 1, 2018.

Miguel Romo is seen in a photo released by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department on Nov. 1, 2018.

The victim was shot in the upper torso about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday and declared dead at the scene, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.

The incident was caught on surveillance video, which shows the victim, identified by KTXL as Shannon Romo, running away from a man who is chasing after her. The victim eventually runs to the front door of the gas station before she is shot.

Investigators believe the suspect, Miguel Romo, pulled the trigger and left the scene.

About seven hours later, Romo, 38, was involved in a multi-vehicle crash along the 210 Freeway near Hubbard Street. An off-duty Burbank police officer witnessed the crash and eventually noticed one of the vehicles was connected to a homicide suspect in Sacramento.

Romo then ran away from the scene of the crash and was eventually taken into custody near the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Sayre Street.

Romo remains in custody in a Los Angeles jail, where he is being held without bail, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department due to his charges. He is on parole from state prison and is also being held for a parole violation.

KTXL spoke to the couple's daughter, Ariana Romo, who said she is devastated over the incident.

"It's just hard because I didn't only lose one parent, I lost both of them," Ariana Romo told the station on Thursday.

She said her parents had gotten into an argument earlier Wednesday.

"He left her to die. He took off. Even if he didn't mean it, he could've rushed her to the hospital," Ariana Romo said in the KTXL interview. "Maybe she could've made it. But no, he decided just to take off and left her to die, and that's what's always going to be stuck in my head."

Despite the tragedy, Ariana Romo said she still loves her father.

"I just want him to know I love him," she said. "Even though this is going on, I'm always going to love him. I just don't know what was going through his head when it happened. I know he didn't mean it."

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