‘We Got Out Just in Time’: Malibou Lake Resident Watches Home Burn Down

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Jeff Roberts took pictures of his Malibou Lake home as it was burning.

“I had to get something to remember it by, to show the family," Roberts told KTLA.

He and his family thought they had at least an hour to leave their home along Crags Drive early Friday. But before they knew it, flames from the Woolsey Fire were right outside.

"You could feel the heat inside the house, it was that close," Roberts said. "We just grabbed the animals and just ran out the door."

Roberts only had enough time to grab his computer, his back up drive and ran out with only the clothes on his back.

His family went one way, and he went another. He went back to see if he could save his house, but it was still burning.

"There were too many flames, too much smoke, you couldn't see anything."

There was nothing left to do, he realized.

He said he sat at a hillside, away from danger, and watched his home of six years be destroyed by flames.

Roberts' home wasn't the only one that burned.

He said the homes in his neighborhood are "tightly packed" and surrounded by shrubbery.

"Once one catches, they all catch," Roberts said, referring to the flames.

He estimates that he saw at least a dozen burning homes. Probably more.

He said he does not know what he will do now. When asked, he broke down in tears.

He was just grateful that he and his family were safe.

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