Video Shows Looters Stealing Bags of Designer Goods From Malibu Residence Amid Woolsey Fire, Homeowner Says

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A Malibu resident is warning others to remain vigilant after he says his home surveillance cameras captured looters removing bags of pricey jewelry, clothing and home goods after he and his fiancée evacuated for the Woolsey Fire.

Joe V., who asked his full name not be used for safety reasons, said the three men spent five hours ransacking his home and made off with about a million dollars' worth of his betrothed's belongings.

Joe said he and his fiancée evacuated on Friday, Nov. 9, then returned two days later to find their upstairs unit ransacked. After calling 911, they checked the footage on the 12 security cameras the home is outfitted with.

The video shows the men scouting the location before climbing the roof, breaking in, carrying out bags of goods and even attempting to cover the camera, he told KTLA.

Joe described the footage as "totally violating" and "sickening."

Among the missing items are furs, designer clothing and jewelry, including a one-of-a-kind Chopard cuff and a necklace that once belonged to heiress Doris Duke, Joe said.

He believes the looters are professionals, since they targeted items buried deep in various closets and rooms across the home.

"How did these guys know what clothes to take, what to look for?" he asked.

Joe said he also questions whether Los Angeles County sheriff's officials are prepared to handle to fluid situation as residents return to the area amid continuing hazards.

“What’s their plan?" he asked. "I mean now people are coming in, and there are still homes that are empty because people are still displaced. You can smell the smoke in here. We can’t live in this.”

The Sheriff's Department is investigating the alleged looting at Joe's home, but could not provide further details on Tuesday.

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