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Students and Staff Shocked as Brightwood College Campuses Abruptly Close

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A Van Nuys college campus abruptly shut down on Wednesday, along with dozens of others across the country, leaving students shocked and uncertain about the future.

Students and staff were both surprised when they got the news that Brightwood College was closed.

"The president announced that our school was not accredited anymore," one person said.

"A lot of students feel like they pretty much wasted their last year trying to do this school program," another man said.

Many students KTLA spoke to said they were just weeks away from getting their degrees from the for-profit school.

Brightwood's parent company, Education Corporation of America, said due to money and accreditation issues, more than two dozen campuses across the country would cease operations immediately.

The company had said earlier this year that it would be closing about two dozen campuses due to low enrollment, but a staff member on Wednesday said the announcement caught everyone by surprise, leaving students scrambling to figure out what to do next.

"Now we're all panicking. Where do we go? What to do?" a student said.

"We are eligible for reimbursement and that we are qualified for forgiveness debt loan, and we can also transfer our credits," another student said.

Other schools in the area are reportedly holding a meeting on Thursday to see what students can do to transfer their credits.

One staff member said they're only able to cash out some unused vacation days, but they're not getting any severance pay with the abrupt closure.

KTLA reached out to the president of the school, but was told he was in a meeting with students and staff to help guide them on their next course of action.

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