Woman Falls Victim to Suspected Wallet Thief at Carson Grocery Store

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A man was seen in surveillance footage grabbing a woman's wallet at a grocery store and getting away before she even noticed.

It happened Friday at a Ralphs in Carson. Now, police are searching for the suspected thief.

She lost cash, credit cards, and something very personal. That woman shared her story to help make other people aware.

"If it happens to me, it can happen to anybody," Sherry Hardy said. "I didn't realize I was being stalked. The video tape that we looked at after I noticed my wallet was missing showed that the man was just walking up and reached into my bag."

Sherry, who has trouble walking, was riding around the store with an electric cart. Surveillance footage shows right as she turns to get an item from a freezer, a man reaches into her bag and grabs her wallet.

The suspect then casually walks away, facing right into a security camera.

Hardy had no idea she had been victimized until she was ready to pay for her items. Along with cash and her credit cards, she lost a small note from her husband, written thirty years ago.

"I had a letter that my husband wrote to me thirty years ago, that I copied and downsized and I've always carried it in my wallet, and that's always been precious to me. So, that's gone," she said. "My credit cards, I'm getting all new ones but that's gone, so that hurts."

Never did Hardy think that looking away for just a few short seconds would allow her to be a victim of theft, so she's warning others to be vigilant.

She's hoping someone who recognizes the man in the surveillance footage will contact police.

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