Sweet & Savory Dishes for Your Holiday Table With Chef Kanae Houston

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HELL’S KITCHEN Season 18 contestant Kanae Houston joined us live with savory and sweet dishes for your holiday table. Kanae is a 27 year old African American female chef from South Central LA on a mission to bring homemade, home cooked meals back into the homes of her community. She is an Alumni of Los Angeles Trade Technical College where she studied Culinary Arts while working nights at any kitchen job she could get. Her goal is to be the face of her own food, so at 25 years old she decided to compete on HELL’S KITCHEN and prove to herself that she could be greater than an average cook. You can watch Hell’s Kitchen on Fridays at 9p on FOX. For more info, you can click here.

And for more info on Kanae, you can follow her on Instagram @ChefKanaeHouston

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