Bodycam Footage Shows Texas Deputies Rescue Man on Fire From Burning Vehicle

Warning: Video contains graphic content.

Two sheriff’s deputies saved a man from a burning vehicle in southeast Texas during a dramatic rescue captured on body camera video.

Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne says the driver was critically hurt when his vehicle overturned and caught fire last week near Winnie, a community about 50 miles east of Houston.

Bodycam video shows the deputies running to the car engulfed in flames, while a bystander calls out to them, telling them there is a man still inside the car.

One deputy grabs the unconscious man inside the burning vehicle while his abdomen and legs are on fire. He is initially unable to free the man, and calls out to another deputy for help.

“I need your help! It’s too (expletive) hot!” the deputy says.

A second deputy grabs the man, and together they pull him from the flaming wreckage. The deputies then place the victim in a nearby puddle to douse the flames with water.

The deputies involved were Braedon Boznango and Carlton Carrington. Neither was injured.

The driver was airlifted to a Houston hospital. His name and details about his condition haven’t been released.

After the incident, the deputies spoke at a news conference.

“My first thought was, ‘we can’t let this guy burn to death right in front of us,'” Carrington said.

“I just kind of tuned out all the ambient noise and focused on making sure I could do what needed to be done,” Boznango said.

“I just remember watching the flames run up the man’s face. There was, I guess, a draft,” Carrington added. “In my mind, I’ve moved thousands of people from burning vehicles, but in my mind I’ve never factored in the heat.”

“It’s what we do. It’s our job,” Boznango said. “From the smallest thing, to more severe cases like this.”

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