Frank Buckley Interviews: Jake Olson, USC Football Player Who Is Blind

Frank Buckley appears alongside Jake Olson and Jake’s guide dog, Quebec.

Jake Olson is a USC football player who first came to prominence in 2009 as a 12-year-old USC football fan when he was featured on ESPN’s “College Game Day.” The story on ESPN detailed how then coach Pete Carroll invited Jake to be a guest of the team at a practice the day before a surgery that would leave Jake blind. Jake is now a senior at USC who has played in three USC football games as a long snapper.

During this podcast, Jake recounts the experience of being invited to USC as a 12-year-old and then losing his vision, he discusses what it was like to play in his first USC football game as a blind player, and he reveals his plans for the future including a new venture (Engage), and the possibility that he might someday play–not professional football, but professional golf.

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