FEMA to Stay on the Job in Wildfire Zones During Government Shutdown: Authorities

Victims of the wildfires that devastated parts of California last month will not have to add a government shutdown to their list of troubles, federal authorities said Friday.

Even though lawmakers failed Friday to find a way to avert a partial shutdown before a midnight deadline, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said its workers would stay on the job .

Since the Camp fire tore through the town of Paradise and other parts of Butte County and the Woosley fire burned through a large swath of Los Angeles and Ventura counties, hundreds of FEMA employees have been in the state to aid in the emergency response.

FEMA has partnered with state agencies to operate disaster relief centers, where victims can seek assistance navigating the difficult and often confusing process of rebuilding their homes and lives. Among other services, FEMA offers loans, assists people in finding shelter and getting their medical prescriptions filled.

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