Goose Shot With Arrow Found in Huntington Beach Park Where 2 Other Birds Ingested Pills, Group Says

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A wildlife rescue center on Friday said it received a Canada goose found at the same Huntington Beach park where two other birds displaying symptoms of an overdose were discovered the week before along with hundreds of discarded pills.

This time, Animal Control  found a goose at Carr Park with an arrow through its body, Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center said.

The Orange County-based nonprofit said the bird survived and was stable, adding that it couldn't provide further details as the case remained under investigation.

On Dec. 19, somebody noticed hundreds of pills in the grass at Carr Park and called Animal Control after seeing a Canada goose in distress, according to Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center.

The center said it also had to treat a ring-billed gull that suffered loss of muscle control, as well as other symptoms associated with ingesting medications.

"There were other birds that may have eaten some of the pills but they were able to fly away," the group said at the time.

Witnesses suspected the pills included heart medications, antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills.

Wetlands & Wildlife Center said the birds were doing well after rescuers flushed out their system with IV fluids.

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