Car Slams Into Room at South L.A. Motel, Injuring 2

A vehicle crashed into a motel in South Los Angeles Friday afternoon, leaving two people injured, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The crash occurred about 2:50 p.m. at a motel located near 8823 South Central Avenue, between the South L.A. neighborhoods of Green Meadows and Watts, authorities said.

Julie Mercado, a witness, said her husband was being hospitalized after the car physically hit him as he was lying on a bed inside their motel room. She was walking out the door just as the crash happened, she said.

"All we heard was some screeching and then next thing we know, a car is inside the room," Mercado told KTLA.

She said the positioning of the room has been concerning before and she has asked to be moved to a different room. "I felt like it was bound to happen one of these days," she said.

From inside the room, a gaping hole could be seen next to the bed, video of the scene showed. The car could be seen wedged into the exterior of the building, with its front bumper completely inside the motel's structure.

Inspectors with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety were dispatched to the scene to investigate the integrity of the building.

No details about the victims or other circumstances of the crash have been released by fire officials.

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