Out-of-Control Vehicle Collides Into at Least 4 Parked Cars in Cypress Park

An out-of control vehicle hit and damaged at least four parked cars in the Cypress Park neighborhood of Los Angeles Saturday, witnesses said.

The incident occurred at around 1 a.m. on the 1100 block of Cypress Avenue, between Loosemore Street and Roseview Avenue.

Video showed a completely destroyed car crashed into another that was lodged against a street pole, visibly damaged.

Another car's bumper was caved in and hanging off. A third's windshield was shattered, and its hood was badly dented.

Debris covered the street at the crash sight.

The collision also seemed to have broken off a street sign that was laying on the ground.

No injuries were reported.

Los Angeles Fire Department officers were at the scene, as well as Los Angeles Police Department officers, who were interviewing witnesses.

Some residents said the sound of the crash woke them up.

It is unclear what caused the vehicle to spin out of control. The driver of the vehicle was seen being interviewed by police.

Authorities have not released information on whether charges will be filed.

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