Spoken Dreams: Matt Beurois, Director

Matt Beurois is a multi-award winning director and scriptwriter originally from France. As a boy in France, Matt didn’t even know what movies were for much of the early parts of his life. It wasn’t until the 90’s when he saw his first American film in a small theater that Matt had any idea such a medium existed. Naturally, he was awe struck. When one of his childhood friends got a hold of a VHS camera, Matt and his friends would run around shooting their own films.

As they learned more about the filmmaking process, their movies got better, and eventually Matt was working editing commercials, directing short films, making documentaries, and doing anything else that allowed him to be a storyteller. Matt’s next big challenge was directing his first feature film, The Barn. Always looking to grow and push himself as a storyteller, Matt is now taking on perhaps one of his biggest challenges yet: Working as a filmmaker in Los Angeles.

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