Meet Hydrow-The Live Outdoor Reality Rower With CEO and Founder Bruce Smith and Trainer Dani Hansen

CEO & Founder of Hydrow Bruce Smith and Hydrow’s Senior Trainer Dani Hansen joined us live with the First & Only Live Outdoor Reality Rower Revolutionizing At-Home Fitness. Led by athletes including those training for the U.S. National Rowing team, Hydrow delivers a live, on-river outdoor rowing experience at-home that engages 86% muscle engagement — compared to 44% for biking & running — which results in up to 400 calories burned in a 20-minute workout. Users can choose from over 200 of Hydrow’s on-demand workouts and live rows, which are live-streamed daily from rivers like the Charles in Boston, the Hudson and Miami. Hydrow will begin shipping nationwide this spring. For more info, you can go to their website or follow on social media.

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