Multi-Vehicle Crash on 5 Freeway in Valencia Prompts Lane Closure, Stalls Traffic

A multi-vehicle collision on the southbound 5 Freeway in Valencia prompted the closure of several lanes Friday morning, according to California Highway Patrol incident logs.

The collision occurred at around 6 a.m. at Rye Canyon Road, and may have been due to a car that stalled, logs showed.

At least three vehicles were involved, including a big rig that appeared to have spun around in the collision and was facing the opposite direction, video from Sky 5 showed.

Two other vehicles appeared to have been pushed off the roadway. The front of a white pick-up truck was caved in.

It is unknown if there were any injuries.

Los Angeles County Fire Department and CHP responded to the scene.

The guard rail looked visibly damaged at the scene of the collision, which could create a hazard and prolong the road closure.

All lanes except the left lane were closed off for an unknown period of time.

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