San Pedro Cheer Group Forced Out of Gym After Noise Complaints from Neighbors

A local cheer group called the South Bay Divas is left with no place to practice after they were forced out of their gym because of a noise dispute with nearby home owners.

The group says they're doing good things for the youth in San Pedro community, but a gated community near their practice gym say the noise is too much.

They've been forced out of the 10,000-square foot gym they've leased since June in the 700 block of Basin Street. Roughly 200 members are impacted.

The group's manager, Charisma Jones, said finding a new facility in San Pedro that's big enough is a challenge.

"In the city of San Pedro, to be exact, there isn't a lot of industrial space at all. So in order to find another building we would for sure have to leave the city," Jones said. "It's super important for us to stay in this city that I think we represent well."

Making matters worse, it's competition season.

"We really want to try to get back in this building so that we have a place to train for at least the remainder of this season until we can find a home that will accommodate us," she said.

A number of neighbors in the adjacent community complained about the noise.

"When you fire up loud speakers, and when you have 50 or 60 people yelling and screaming cheers for hours and hours, I guarantee you it's a nuisance, "Stan Faris, a block leader for the gated community, said.

He said they support cheering, but it just won't work out here. Homeowners closest to the gym were suffering.

"She had to take her newborn baby all the way to Orange County just so they could have some peace of mind and the baby could sleep," Faris said.

"They've even have gone as far as opening up a potential lawsuit which I think is another reason why the property management company didn't want to do a lease with us," Jones said.

The group wants to reach a compromise.

"We try our best to make sure it's quiet and stuff for them and they just don't accept what we're doing," cheerleader Adriana Fernandez said.

Jones said the group will somehow find a way to continue to cheer.

South Bay Divas have started an online petition to stay in San Pedro, as of Friday night, nearing their goal of 2,500 signatures.

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