Hemet Police Rush Into Dangerous Crash Scene to Help Driver Suffering Medical Emergency

Hemet police arrived at a crash scene Wednesday afternoon to find a truck crashed into a tree with tires spinning at full speed and spewing dark smoke. Officers had to break into the truck to reach the driver, who they said was in the midst of a medical emergency.

The Hemet Police Department got a call of two crashes in the 2600 block of Silver Oak Way, in the Seven Hills community of Hemet around 1 p.m. Callers told police a white Toyota truck had driven through a front yard, struck a home, then slammed into a tree.

Officers at the scene found the truck against the tree with the rear tires spinning out at full speed, creating a plume of dark smoke, police said. The only thing holding the truck back was the tree.

The driver was inside unconscious, with the gas pedal pinned to the floor. The doors were locked and all the windows rolled up, so officers had to break the passenger side window to shut off the engine and reach the driver.

Police said the driver, a 66-year-old man from Hemet, was having a medical emergency and did not realize he had crashed. Paramedics arrived on scene to treat the man.

Police said no one was injured and the driver is expected to make a full recovery.

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