Ladera Ranch Middle Schoolers Hospitalized After Taking Coricidin

Four students at Ladera Ranch Middle School were hospitalized Friday after reportedly ingesting Coricidin, an over-the-counter cold medicine that can also be used to get high.

Now, fire officials and school administrators are hoping parents pay attention to this issue, after 3 girls and a boy, all aged 13 to 14, took the cough and cold medicine and ended up in the hospital.

A package that KTLA checked says a recommended adult dosage is 1 pill every 6 hours. Firefighters believe the kids took 10 - 12 pills each.

That can cause high heart rate and in some cases, hallucinations.

"Sadly, a lot of this stuff is posted on YouTube. So these kids see this opportunity to get high, and it's easily accessible. They have these medications that are over the counter. I believe they're making it a little bit more inaccessible now. Pharmacists are having it behind the counter, however, it is not a prescription medication. So you don't need a prescription to take it, so kids can easily access it," Orange County Fire Captain Tony Bommarito said.

School administrators urged parents to learn more about cough and cold medicine abuse.

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