Yorba Linda Couple Devastated After Their Dog Beaten to Death During Break-In

A Yorba Linda couple are devastated after burglars broke into their home, ransacked the place, and beat their dog so severely, she had to be put down.

The Lawsons' dog, Fefe, is seen in this family photo.

The Lawsons' dog, Fefe, is seen in this family photo.

They said the thieves took cash and a gun, but the greatest loss was their beloved poodle, Fefe.

The couple said they’ve lost pets before, but never in such a vicious and heartbreaking way.

"They killed our dog, and they’re the lowest of the scum on earth," Peggy Lawson said.

George and Peggy Lawson said burglars broke into their home on Amberdale Drive in Yorba Linda Wednesday afternoon, stole a gun and emergency cash. Then, committed a cruel and unimaginable act.

The thought still haunts them.

The alarm company alerted them. They came home to find the place ransacked, and their nine-pound poodle, Fefe, badly beaten.

"She was bleeding from the mouth," Peggy said

They rushed her to the vet.

"They told us that she had been pistol whipped. She had internal injuries," George said. "And they’d hit her in the head and blinded her."

"They said they could transfer her to trauma with no guarantee. They said one thing was for sure, that she would never be the dog we had that morning," Peggy said. "Before they could say anything, I said I would not let her suffer one more minute. And so we put her down."

It was a truly heartbreaking decision.

George is 91 years old, a WWII Navy veteran. 77-year-old Peggy is a retired nurse.

Fefe was 12 years old, a member of their family, and a trained hospital therapy dog who helped cheer patients up on their worst days.

The Lawsons are still trying understand how anyone could be this heartless.

"Why? Why couldn’t you have killed me and not my dog?" Peggy said. "She didn't do anything. She was barking. She was only protecting her property. She was only nine pounds. She couldn’t have barked very loud."

The couple said they don’t have information on who did this, but after talking with neighbors, believes a group was involved.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

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