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‘Garbage Can Full of Puppies’ Left Outside San Jacinto Animal Shelter

Eight pit bull puppies were found abandoned outside of a San Jacinto animal shelter Wednesday, officials said.

The Ramona Humane Society was open for business, but someone left a “garbage can full of puppies” in the parking lot of the business.

A staff member noticed the puppies and went out to see why they were there and ended up seeing a green truck speeding away from the lot.

The Humane Society decided to take in the puppies inside in case an owner comes forward.

The puppies appeared to be healthy and officials said they will be up for adoption on Sunday.

PETA issued a statement after news of the puppies spread:

When shelters charge intake fees, it’s the animals who end up paying the price. This shelter charges a minimum of $80 to take in an animal, so this litter of puppies could have cost those who abandoned the dogs $640, which is a huge deterrent to doing the right thing. This is exactly why PETA supports spay/neuter mandates and urges shelters to accept all animals in need without waiting lists or surrender fees, which can prompt desperate people to turn animals loose to fend for themselves, relegate them to a backyard, or even drown or kill them in other horrible ways.

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