Egg Laid in Big Bear Bald Eagle Nest

A pair of bald eagles that calls Big Bear home welcomed an egg to their nest on Wednesday, officials said.

Biologists had been watching for just such an event, as the nesting pair of eagles had been displaying mating behavior for more than a month, officials said.

“Now, for the next 35 or so days, we will see the parents share incubation duties,” U.S. Forest Service biologist Robin Eliason said in a written statement. “This regulates the temperature of the egg so the embryo can develop. If all goes well, we should see a hatchling in around April 10. And if things go like last year, we may see a second egg laid later this week!”

A count completed late last year found 11 bald eagles living in the San Bernardino National Forest, down from 15 detected in 2017, according to Forest Service data.

A live stream is broadcast from a “Bald Eagle Nest Cam” operated by the Friends of Big Bear Valley.

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