Downtown L.A. Doused With More Rain in 4 Months Than City Typically Sees in a Whole Year

Travelers who seek the splendor of basking in the sun’s rays amid a cloudless sky nearly year-round haven’t found much success in Los Angeles these days.

The typically temperate climate has been replaced by gloomy storm clouds, chilly temperatures and enough rainy days to make many Angelenos shudder — and winter isn’t over yet.

Much of Southern California has received above-average rainfall for this time of the year, and many areas have already recorded an average year’s worth of rain. Downtown Los Angeles has received 17.98 inches since the water year began in October, surpassing the 14.93 inches the city gets on average annually.

Kristen Stewart, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard, moved to Southern California from Boston, in part, she said, to escape cold, wet winters.

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