L.A. City Hall May Still Have a Rat Problem, But Latest Inspection Reveals No Fleas

A firm hired to assess the presence of fleas at Los Angeles City Hall said it found no evidence of the disease-carrying pests inside the building or in other government structures nearby, according to a report issued to the City Council.

In the two-page report, North Hollywood-based CatsUSA Pest Control said it found “nothing out of the ordinary” during inspections conducted between Feb. 8 and Feb. 15.

Although the company identified fungus gnats, ants, flies, centipedes and other insects, “no fleas were found during our inspections or noted on any of our monitoring stations,” the report said. Around 1,800 monitoring stations were installed.

“Nothing out of the ordinary but mostly common insects known as occasional invaders which are common to most structures, homes and places of business,” the report said.

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