Blind Golden Retriever in North Carolina Gets His Own ‘Seeing-Eye’ Puppy

The internet has fallen in love with a pair of adorable dogs named Charlie and Maverick after their story of companionship gained national attention this week thanks to a viral tweet.

Charlie, who is almost 11 years old, had glaucoma – which led to both of his eyes being removed, according to KTLA sister station WJW in Cleveland.

Now, Maverick, who is 4 months old, helps Charlie around.

The dogs’ story went viral after We Rate Dogs tweeted photos of the adorable animals on Monday.

After learning how much everyone loved Charlie and Maverick, the family, who now  lives in  Mooresville, North Carolina, created an Instagram account for the pups . The account describes them as “two best buds living life to the fullest.”

In just a few days, more than 44,000 people were following the animals.

In one of the posts, the family said not only does Maverick help Charlie, but “Charlie is trying to teach Maverick manners. 🤣definitely a work in progress.”

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