Students Hold Gun Violence Walkout at John Burroughs H.S. in Burbank

Students and faculty at a Burbank high school walked out of class Friday to bring attention to ongoing issues involving gun violence.

The walkout took place just after noon at John Burroughs High School on West Clark Avenue.

Students and staff participating in the Students Against Gun Violence walkout headed to the school’s football field, where they were greeted by Rep. Adam Schiff.

Schiff gave remarks on the need for common-sense gun safety reform, and praised the students for their efforts.

"I appreciate how many students have come out and made this a top priority, which it has to be. Your generation has to fight to get this done, because our generation has so miserably failed," Schiff said.

Schiff said that the House of Representatives has passed a universal background check bill on gun sales, as well as a ban on assault weapons, but the Senate refuses to take up the bills. He blamed the NRA leadership for opposing "common sense" gun laws that the majority of the NRA's own members support.

Student Ariana Kretz said the

"We can blame politicians and bureaucracy for this, but the reality is a year ago, we made a mistake. Our stake in the fight for common sense gun control legislation has been too small," Kretz said. "We live in Burbank, one of the safest cities in the county and have men like Adam Schiff representing us, and so we have grown complacent."

"This is not the reality for those outside our Burbank bubble," Kretz said.

The Burbank Unified School District superintendent and the school's principal also attended the event.

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