2 Officers Shoot One Another While Apprehending Burglary Suspect in Elk Grove

(Credit: Los Angeles Times)

(Credit: Los Angeles Times)

Two police officers shot each other in the leg while trying to apprehend a suspect Saturday night in Elk Grove, authorities said.

The Elk Grove Police Department received a call about an attempted burglary about 11 p.m. The caller said that a man was trying to enter a travel trailer and told police that he saw the man move a firearm from a pocket in his pants to one in his sweatshirt.

An officer arrived and told a man and woman standing near the trailer to sit on the curb. When a second officer arrived, the man took off running. The first officer chased him on foot, while the second pursued him from a cruiser, eventually intercepting the man in a shopping center parking lot.

After the first officer caught up, the two stood on either side of the suspect facing each other. According to police, the man moved toward one of the officers with his hands near his midsection, and both officers fired their weapons. The suspect was struck, and each officer was also hit in the lower leg.

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