Spoken Dreams: NOVA, Musician

Sameh Marey is a musician, guitarist, and singer-songwriter going by the name NOVA. He is originally from Egypt, but is now in Los Angeles pursuing his dreams of stardom. NOVA developed a deep connection with music at a very young age. He began writing his own songs and melodies as a child without even owning an instrument. Once he was confident with his abilities as a songwriter, NOVA mustered the courage to ask his parents for a guitar, and while at the time they didn’t necessarily believe there was a future in music, they agreed to purchase NOVA his first acoustic guitar.

NOVA and his guitar became inseparable as he continued to evolve as a musician. It wasn’t until graduating college with a film degree that NOVA realized nothing in life makes him happier than playing music. It was then that he had to face his next big challenge: Telling his parents he was leaving for the United States to chase a music career.

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