Spoken Dreams: Emir Horton, Actor/Producer

Emir Horton is an aspiring actor and producer originally from Philadelphia. Emir says the notion to be an actor just came to him one day when he was a kid, but at best, it seemed like an impossible idea that he didn’t pay much attention to. Years later, a pastor at Emir’s church began to prophecy over his life, and continually mentioned acting in regards to his future. The idea to become an actor was sparked in Emir’s head again, and around the same time, he was cast in a music video. Emir loved the experience, and decided to take acting classes and attend college to study mass communications with a concentration on TV, radio, and film.

All the while, Emir knew he wanted to get to Los Angeles. The opportunity to do so came in the form of a college internship, but when he finally got to L.A., Emir found himself just scraping by. In order to stay in L.A. to really hunker down and work towards his dreams, Emir would need a job. Just as things were beginning to look hopeless, Emir landed a gig that would not only allow him to stay in Los Angeles, but it also gave him the chance to learn and grow in his pursuit of his goals. Emir hasn’t looked back since.

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