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6 Condor Chicks Born at L.A. Zoo Thanks to New Breeding Technique

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One of six baby condors that hatched at the Los Angeles Zoo after zoo staff used a new breeding technique. (Credit: L.A. Zoo via Los Angeles Times)

Six condor chicks were recently born at the Los Angeles Zoo, thanks to a new breeding technique that officials hope will strengthen the endangered bird’s population.

Only about 500 California condors exist in the world, and zoo staff have spent decades breeding the birds in hopes that they would be strong and stable enough to release into the wild.

Now, the L.A. Zoo says it has found a better way to make that happen.

Typically, when there are more chicks at the zoo than adult condors to care for them, some of the babies are hand-raised by staff members, officials say. But with its new technique, the zoo will allow adult condors to take care of more than one chick, which increases their chances of survival in the wild.

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