Under Kamala Harris Plan, Companies That Underpay Women Could Potentially Be Fined Billions of Dollars

Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris released a plan Monday to overhaul U.S. discrimination laws to ensure women and men are paid equally for the same work.

Companies would be required to obtain a federal certification showing they are not underpaying women, under Harris’ proposal. Those that fail to do so could be fined billions of dollars.

Employers would have to show that any gap in pay between women and men is based on merit, performance or seniority. Companies that discriminate against women would be fined at 1% of their average daily profits for every 1% gap that exists between the pay of male and female employees doing the same job.

The junior senator from California provided the broad outlines of the proposal Sunday at a rally of roughly 1,000 supporters at Southwest College in South L.A. She told them that women who work full time are paid on average 80 cents for every dollar paid to men; for black women, 61 cents; and for Latinas, 53 cents.

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