102-Year-Old Woman in France Suspected of Killing 92-Year-Old Care Home Neighbor

An ambulance speeds through traffic in a file image. (Credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus)

An ambulance speeds through traffic in a file image. (Credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus)

A 102-year-old woman is under suspicion of the murder of her 92-year-old neighbor in a residential care home in Chézy-sur-Marne, northern France.

A carer found the “lifeless” 92-year-old woman in her room shortly after midnight Saturday morning and alerted emergency services, a spokeswoman for the High Court of Soissons told CNN, referring to a press release.

The woman’s face was visibly swollen, the court’s statement said. An autopsy revealed she died by asphyxiation, after being strangled and punched in the head.

The woman living in the room next door told the carer she had “killed someone,” the spokeswoman said. In a “state of confusion and agitation,” the 102-year-old was admitted first to a hospital, then to a psychiatric hospital.

Police have opened an investigation into “voluntary homicide against a person vulnerable due to their physical condition,” the AFP news agency reports. Prosecutor Frederic Trinh told AFP news agency that the suspect will undergo a psychological examination to determine whether she can be held criminally responsible for her neighbor’s death.

Police have not yet been able to question the woman, Trinh said.

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