Riverside Police Investigating Possible Abduction Determine Intoxicated Woman Climbed Into Car Trunk

Police investigating a report of a possible abduction in the Airport neighborhood of Riverside said on Monday that it was determined no crime took place.

The incident was reported about 7:30 p.m. Sunday in the 6500 block of Doolittle Avenue, the Riverside Police Department stated in a news release.

A witness told police that two men grabbed a girl — who the bystander estimated was between 10 and 15 years old — and attempted to put her in the trunk of a car that was stopped in front of an apartment building.

The girl managed to get out of the trunk but was then apparently forced into the back seat of the car, which then drove off, the Police Department stated.

However, it was later determined the girl was actually a young woman from Placentia who was visiting the area with her boyfriend and his family, according to an updated police statement.

They had gone to go swimming in the Santa Ana river bottom, where the woman allegedly became intoxicated.

While driving home, they stopped the car so the woman could retrieve an item from the trunk. At that point, she “became belligerent and attempted to climb in,” the statement read.

Two passengers were able to pull her out of the trunk and got her safely back into the vehicle before they drove away, police said.

She was not harmed.

Surveillance video from the area showed the encounter and was released by police as they investigated the attempted kidnapping report.

“The Riverside Police Department is grateful to the members of the community, who believed they had just witnessed an abduction, for reporting the incident and assisting in the investigation,” officials said in the statement.

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