Spoken Dreams: Nate Gray, Actor

Nate Gray is an actor originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin. Pursuing a career as an actor had never been a thought in Nate’s mind for many, many years. Growing up in small-town America, he spent a lot of his childhood on a farm working with his hands. In college, Nate would get degrees in mechanical engineering and mathematics. The future Nate saw for himself never involved the entertainment industry, nor ever leaving Wisconsin.

The way the rest of Nate’s life unfolds to lead him to Los Angeles as an actor is a litany of random events that almost seem cosmically orchestrated. Throughout his journey, Nate has consistently welcomed people into his life, many of them pointing him towards new opportunities and taking him places he never imagined. Now, the man who thought he’d have a career in engineering in Wisconsin is living in the entertainment capital of the world putting in serious work towards a career as an actor.

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