Something for the Summer #5: How to Protect Yourself From Sharks With CSULB Shark Lab

Gayle Anderson was live in Long Beach at the Cal State Long Beach Shark Lab to learn about this Summer’s SHARK SHACK program:
In a proactive effort to help the public, California State University, Long Beach science educators will be there to let people know how to stay safe during an encounter with sharks or other marine life. Participants will touch shark jaws, shark skin, learn the stingray shuffle and be able to compare their height to that of an adult white shark.

The ‘Shark Shacks’pop-up tents will be found at Southern California beaches from Santa Barbara to San Diego.
Recently published research from Shark Lab scientists discovered how to more accurately predict juvenile White shark migration, and consequently, potential encounters with swimmers and fishers. That research can be found in the journal PLOS ONE.

For a list of SHARK LAB locations and for information about the program, take a look at the web sites:
Shark Lab
Support the Shark Lab
California State University Long Beach

If you have questions, please feel free to call Gayle Anderson at 323-460-5732 or e-mail Gayle at

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