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Seal Beach Sees 52 Painful Stingray Injuries Over 3-Day Period

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More than 50 people have suffered painful injuries from stingrays over the past three days in Seal Beach, and experts are urging beachgoers to take precautions.

With the ocean waters warming up, thousands have headed to Seal Beach and 52 of them were injured this week in stingray attacks, city Marine Safety Officer Nick Brolin told KTLA.

Officials previously said there were 57 cases.

Tony Soriano, of the Surfrider Foundation, has been stung 9 times and said the injury is painful.

"It feels like a bee stung you, but it's bigger, its bigger. Especially if the barb sticks in your feet ," Soriano explained. "It only goes in one way because the barbs are sticking through. So if they get it good enough they could pull it right out."

Lifeguards treat the stingray injuries by using hot water to soak the sting, get the venom out and alleviate the pain.

Brolin said small surf and low tides tend to lead to an increase in stingray activity, but an increase in surf height in the last 24 hours has already caused the number of injuries to drop.

Still, with the Fourth of July holiday week in full effect, Brolin said beachgoers should watch where they walk because the stingrays may still be lurking around.

"The best way to prevent being stung by a stingray is to do the stingray shuffle," Brolin added. "It is important to swim near a lifeguard and check with lifeguards regarding beach hazards, rip currents, stingrays and surf conditions etc."

KTLA's Kristina Bravo contributed to this story.

Data pix.

Data pix.


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