Barstow Area Not Struck by Quake, USGS Says After Review of Data

A preliminary magnitude 3.7 earthquake that was reported as having struck the Barstow area early Thursday morning was “deleted,” according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quake was initially reported as having struck about 4 a.m. some 9 miles east-northeast of Barstow. But a few hours after sending out an email notification about the quake, USGS reported the event was “deleted after review by a seismologist.”

The agency then initially reported a magnitude 3.7 quake that struck around the same time near a series of much larger quakes, but by late afternoon Thursday, that one also was “deleted after review by a seismologist.”

Two major quakes — magnitudes 6.4 and 7.1 — centered on or near the military complex shook nearby Ridgecrest and the broader Southern California region last week as part of a sequence of thousands of smaller earthquakes and aftershocks.

On Tuesday, officials said a man was found pinned under a vehicle in Nevada about 100 miles from the quakes’ epicenters near Ridgecrest. His death could be the first fatality in the earthquakes.

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